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Who is PR Packaging?

Hello and welcome to PR Packaging, we’re a family run packaging business based in Melbourne and have been operating for over 40 years.

In that time we’ve produced over 100 million bags and boxes!

We’re proud of the quality of the products we create for our customers, from small family run businesses through to large scale leading corporate retailers Australia wide and around the world.

We know how much care you pour into your products, so we want to make sure your customers are just as excited about the packaging it comes in.

We offer you options to make immediate purchases with our Ready to Purchase range or if you want to personalise your product we can discuss our Customised Packaging options.

Thank you for trusting us with your packaging needs and we can’t wait to work with you soon.

About PR Packaging

PR Packaging is a proud family owned company that has been supplying the best quality printed paper bags and plastic bags since 1979. We can dispatch our stock paper bags and plastic bags as well as suit and coat covers the same day we receive an order.

We have developed a strong reputation by successfully supplying our quality printed paper bags, plastic bags and non woven bags to thousands of leading retail and corporate customers Australia wide and around the world.

Our products are priced most competitively to win orders, whilst maintaining the very highest quality.

With our experience in producing the highest quality packaging we will ensure that you achieve your desired results by working together with you or your design team and providing the best possible service and advice.

With some states in Australia looking to reduce the use of some supermarket style plastic bags, we are able to work around these restrictions and fill any requirements that a retailer may need.

The environment also remains in the foremost of our mind, we manufacture all our paper bags with environmentally friendly adhesives and water-soluble inks.